The Queta Coterie

(Pronounced kĕ-tä kō-tĕ-rē)

Welcome to The Queta Coterie

Named after Wendy’s grandmother, Queta, The Queta Coterie is an e-commerce boutique for women who want easy style at an easy price.

About the Owner

Wendy Patterson is a former fashion stylist and fashion show producer who considers her love of fashion genetic. While Her dream to open a boutique spans 20 years the idea of exactly what the boutique should be evolved. As the mom of two boys she understands the importance of ease and “on the go” but doesn’t believe that personal style should have to suffer.

The Real Queta

Born in Camaguey, Cuba, educated in the USA she was the middle child of five siblings and mother to one daughter (Wendy’s mother) and three sons. Always armed with her glamorous style and wry sense of humor she loved to be the center of attention and always enjoyed a party. Queta loved beautiful clothes and she wore “arm candy” long before it was a “thing”.